RWE Turcas Denizli Power Plant/ Turkey

Refurbishment of fan-cooled driver systems –LV panels, MCC, PLC , VSD, project design, installation, commissioning Installation of vacuum pump stations - MDB, MCC and PLC panel-project design, engineering, automation compatibility, commissioning Automation integrity of water feeding systems with Siemens T3000, programming and commissioning.

Siemens / Turkey

Turnkey delivery of electrical installation of service centre. MV/LV panels, MCC panels, Lighting Adana / Turkey.

Sheraton / Turkey

Power monitoring and management Adana / Turkey.

Tekfen Toros Agriculture / Turkey

Installation of deep well pump and chimney gas systems – MV driver (3490 kVA), MCC and PLC systems, project design, installation and commissioning.

Limak Iskenderun Port / Turkey

STS and RTG Crane– Driver commissioning and driver service.

SASA Polyester / Turkey

Revision of CP3 line - 10x1600A DC Driver, 1280 I/O , automation conversion from AEG to Siemens PCS7 28-piece busbar installation, commissioning.

Kahramanmaras Paper / Turkey

PM2 Line MDB manufacturing, assembly and commissioning.

Enerjisa Tufanbeyli Thermal Power Plant / Turkey

Coal conveyor driver system - MDB, MCC project design, production, commissioning.

Atakas Port / Turkey

All lighting works of indoors spaces and port area.

Sanko Superfilm Packaging Film / Turkey

Service and predictive maintenance for all drivers in the production unit IE4 motors (38 pieces).

Oknal Gaz Factory / Turkey

LV MDP form 4B production, commissioning.

Tat Nisasta / Turkey

Lighting and production of MCC panels,
Programming and commissioning of cooling automation.

Anadolu Etap Penkon / Turkey

Programming of filling machine, panel production and commissioning.

Enerjisa - Fernas AS / Turkey

2 km Conveyor automation, MCC, production and commissioning of Softstarter panel,
Fiber optical communication architecture-engineering, test and commissioning.

MMK Iron and Steel Plant / Turkey

Commissioning of LV VFD system.

MERSIN International Port (MIP) / Turkey

ZPMC RTG/STS VFD service applications.


Design and commissioning of high powered VFD.


Hot rolling factory revision project - 55 pieces of VFDs,
ERW pipe saw machine revision project.

Adana Cement / Turkey

Packaging - MCC panel (Siemens Sivacon – Form 4B) production, commissioning.

KCS Kahramanmaras / Turkey

Service contract for all Siemens drivers,
Lighting– project for entire plant.

Kars Cement / Turkey

Raw material mill 1-2 automation [PCS7 ver.5 (Cemat v.5) to PCS7 ver.7 (Cemat v.7) transport and commissioning].

Tracim Cement / Turkey

Raw material mill PCS7&CEMAT programming & commissioning.

AS Cement / Turkey

Line 2 (Bucak-BURDUR),
(PCS7 & CEMAT) (entire cement line),
(Redundant OS, Redundant Ethernet and Profibus Network),
Programming & Commissioning,
Line 1, Silo Automation Loading & Packaging -BURDUR,
(PCS7 & CEMAT) Programming & Commissioning.

Cimko Cement / Turkey

Coal Mill 1&2 Kahramanmaras (PCS7&CEMAT) programming.

Nuh Cement / Turkey

Mill 4 (PCS7 & CEMAT) Programming & Commissioning,
Crusher & Raw material mill (PCS7 & CEMAT) Programming & Commissioning,
Silo 8 automation, bulk loading (PCS7 & CEMAT) Programming & Commissioning,
Line 3 automation-Hereke (Crusher & Raw material mill) (PCS7 & CEMAT) (Redundant OS, Redundant Ethernet and Profibus Network),
Programming & Commissioning.

Bati Soke Cement / Turkey

Crusher & Raw material mill (PCS7&CEMAT),
Programming & Commissioning.

Kelete Cement Factory / Turkmenistan

(PCS7&CEMAT) (Entire cement line) (Redundant OS, Redundant Ethernet and Profibus Network) Commissioning.

Eregli Iron and Steel Plant/ Turkey

High furnace powder coal injection (PCS7, Redundant AS, Redundant OS Redundant Ethernet and Profibus Network),
Programming & Commissioning.

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